The Not Very Amazing Spiderman 2.5 Stars

So they made another Spiderman movie, and started at the beginning of the story again.

I had been resisting this movie for a while because I felt like it was really too soon to do a "start from scratch" rejig of the franchise.

And I was right.

Although there were new actors and a slightly modified story line, I felt like I was watching the same thing as before with marginally better computer generated special effects.

If you are young enough to have never seen the previous Spiderman movie/s, then you'll enjoy it. If, like me, you were quite fond of the last trilogy (even though the plot of 3 had gotten a little too farcical), then you will feel like you are enduring one of those dreams that keeps replaying night after night in slightly different settings when you are going through something in life quite intense that causes anxiety you carry to bed with you each night.