Day of Rest

Once your business is up and running, it's hard to say no when people
"need it done by Monday". They have urgent rent inspections, or
rellies visiting or some earth ending emergency that requires you to
be the hero and give up your family/personal time on the weekend to
get them out of a pickle.

But keep things in perspective. You're not a doctor, and even if you
were you would still have boundaries.

I personally decided when I started my lawn care business I decided I
would NEVER work on Saturdays. I'm not Jewish, but I like to keep the
Sabbath and that was a boundary for me that saved my family from me
becoming a workaholic.

I had plenty of opportunity to do extra work on Saturday, and at times
the money was tempting. And when the work load banks up because it's
been raining all week and then the only sunny day is Saturday it
really tested my resolve.

But I kept my rule, learned to say no, and I don't regret it. I always
knew I could rest on Saturday, I could switch off one day a week. No
mowing, no book keeping, no quoting, no paperwork, just whatever I
want to do.

Decide before you get too busy to book in a day off that can NEVER be
interrupted. And don't choose a day you already have a tonne of
commitments on. It needs to be an errand free day that you can lock in
and enjoy every week.