Should I Do Other Things Too

When I started out in my lawn care business, I was keen to do whatever was needed. Gutter
cleaning, gardening, retic repairs, palm pruning... whatever.

But once I had filled my round, and really couldn't do much more, I
found it hard to say no to the clients I had previously done certain
jobs for. The reality was that the jobs just weren't as profitable or
desirable as what I preferred to do... just mowing lawns.

Decide as soon as you can EXACTLY what work you are going to do. If
you decide you won't do pruning or gardening or dethatching or
gutters, find some people who ONLY (so they don't steal your mowing
work) do those things. Get some of their business cards and give them
to your clients when they ask for those extra services. Your clients
will appreciate the fact that you cared enough to help them out, the
job will be better because it will be done by someone who specializes
in that work, and you will be less stressed.