Less Customers, More Money

If you have been mowing for a while, and can't seem to keep up with
all the work you have, then you are faced with a couple of choices.

You can continue to try and grow, put on staff or contractors, and go
hard. This can be very rewarding, but in my experience most people who
started a lawn mowing business did so to get away from all the
headaches of managing people.

So here's something I did.

I worked out who were my biggest headaches, or the most out of the way
clients, and sent them a thank you card saying "thanks for your
business, but sorry we can no longer service you".

The other time I had an effective reshuffle in my business was the day
I decided I would no longer use the cylinder (reel) mower. I found the
customers that wanted this mower tended to be fussier and slower
payers, so it was a win win. I had less equipment to cart around and
maintain, and less stress dealing with my clients.

However you go about reducing your workload, it's worth developing the
ability to say no to work that isn't the most efficient use of your
time. (unless you enjoy it of course.)