Grow or Stay Small

One of the biggest challenges I faced running a lawn mowing business
was growing it beyond just me.

It seems that there is a scale of economy that is achieved when you
have 5 or more people working for you. And it's easy to manage when
it's just you. But in between is tricky.

Having 1 or 2 people working for you creates all the headaches of
having staff, but not enough money to justify the time and paperwork
to manage them.

So decide early on if you are going to venture this path. If you
aren't, be content by yourself and look for ways to improve your
income by being fussy with your customers, raising your prices, or
streamlining your route.

If you plan on growing it, ensure you have the capital behind you to
take time off the tools yourself to sort out stuff ups, do extra
quotes, hire new people, inspect your staff's work, handle complaints,
manage the superannuation, insurance, occupational health and safety
guff, inspect the first aid kits, repair the equipment they keep
breaking, fill in for them when they don't show etc etc etc.

It can be quite rewarding growing a business and hiring people. But a
lot of people start a business mowing lawns because it's less
stressful than other things they have done. Putting on staff quickly
removes that benefit.