The Best thing about a Lawn Mowing Business

One of the best things about having a lawn mowing business, is that
once you get the hang of the work, and have a bit of a routine going,
the entire day can feel like time to yourself.

Working in retail, or on a building site, or in an office usually
involves having to interact with other humans all day long, and while
some of us are built for it, for most people with families it usually
leaves you wrung out at the end of the day and unable to socialize
with the people you care about the most when you get home.

What I would do to enjoy the day is load my iPhone up with podcasts
and audio books, run the headphones up my shirt and into my ears, and
put my ear muffs over the top to drown out the mower.

I would basically be in my own world all day long, either entertained
with the adventures of Robinson Crusoe or educating myself with a book
from John Maxwell. I could be listening to the latest Business Daily
podcast from the BBC, or perhaps hearing Bill Johnson preaching the
gospel. I actually looked forward to getting into my day for this very
reason, and I got paid the whole time AND was as fit as I have ever
been. I also loved "This American Life" and "Freakonomics".

Did I mention that most of the stuff I enjoyed listening to was free?

Typing this is making me miss my lawn mowing business.