Spotify or Rdio - What's the Difference?

I came across an app/website called Rdio yesterday. I've heard of it plenty of times but saw it on Facebook and thought "why the Sheol not?"

Signed up, downloaded the iPhone app, had a play and enjoyed it.

Checked the fine print and realised I had 7 days to enjoy the free stuff before I would have to start paying.

I had thought I may have come across a replacement for Spotify, but I couldn't really see the extra value or point of difference other than it seemed a bit easier to write my own comments of nostalgia below an old Silverchair number.

So Spotify it is for the time being. I still haven't convinced myself to sign up for the premium service. I can't work out if I don't listen to much music because I don't want to pay for it, or I don't pay for much music because I don't want to listen to it.


Let me know if you think one is better than the other and why.