How to reach your wife when she has her phone on silent

Every now and then I ring my wife and I really need to speak with her but can't get her.

She leads a busy life; looks after our 4 kids, runs a play group, looks after her friends, visits the poor, sick and lonely, and keeps our house looking ship shape. So sometimes she needs to put her phone on silent.

Fair enough.

But sometimes she forgets to take it off silent.

So how can I get her?

Well, if she's at home I just ring the land line. That thing wakes the dead.

But if she's out and about I have a new trick for reaching her.

Enter: Find my iPhone.

She and I use iPhones. And iCloud. And the same iCloud account at that. As you do, why pay for apps twice?

So if I go to and log in, select Find My iPhone, then I can see all my devices including my Mac and iPads and whatever is associated with my Apple ID.

Not only can I see where they all are, but I can send a message to them that will make a noise even if they are on silent or the volume is turned right down.

So I send Jane a message to ring me, her iPhone beeps and beeps until she sees it and deactivates it.

If you want you can do it from your iPhone or iPad by downloading an app called Find my iPhone.

I use this same trick to find my iPhone in the morning when I'm rushing out the door and it's hidden somewhere in the house on silent because the boys were playing Metal Storm: Wing Commander the night before.