as if you wouldn't

as if you wouldn't copy the iphone
as if you wouldn't copy the iphone

i'm growing a bit tired of all the Apple fans whinging about Samsung and the larger android community copying Apple.

of course samsung and android and google and whoever will never say the words "we copied Apple" but if you get off your "i was here first so it's mine" bandwagon and look at things from a simple business perspective... you will come to the correct conclusion (it's correct because that's my conclusion) that Samsung made a very wise choice indeed by copying apple and the iphone.

let's think about what exactly happened.

all the phone makers are tonking along making stuff and along comes Apple and completely reinvents the game, taking everyone by surprise and making them all look like they are selling bits of rock with chisels and mallets.

three meetings take place.

Meeting 1, RIM headquarters:
"Well guys, those queer skivvy wearing dorks at Cupertino have made something nice and flashy, but we can't be shaken off course by every new fad that comes along. Let's stick to our guns and do what we know works. IT departments love us and we have a popular brand."

Meeting 2, Microsoft headquarters:
"Well guys, those losers who think a little too different have stuffed the phone market for everyone. All they did was make a new flashy operating system that was different to what existed, so let's invent a new operating system that is totally different from everything that is available now. Obviously that's the formula for success."

Meeting 3, Samsung headquarters:
"Apple are killing us and we haven't got a clue how to beat them. Let's just copy them as much as we can without going to jail or getting sued too much, until we can figure out how to do it better."

I'm sure RIM's and Microsoft's management felt a lot more noble coming out of their meetings, but you can't pay shareholders nobility dividends.


For those of you who are unsure, RIM make the blackberry phone which used to be the status symbol of the business world and now is put on silent and left in one's pocket because it's too embarrassing to pull out in public... "my company make me use it!" the blackberry owners cry... "it's got the best security!" is a clear sign the holder of the device is one more 'why do you still have a blackberry' conversation away from a piece of rope and a wobbly chair.

Microsoft used to make an operating system called Windows Mobile and were so blown away by the iPhone they just shut up shop and decided to start again. The new "Windows Phone" is certainly innovative and different, but they missed the fact that people liked the iPhone not because it was different, but because it was intuitive and obvious. Heck, my one year old can drive the thing.