How to send just the audio from your Mac to your Apple TV via Airplay

So if you have a Mac running Mountain Lion (or later if you are reading this in the future... whoa) and you own an Apple TV or some other Airplay enabled speaker or device you have probably given the Airplay feature a bit of a burn.

And it's good.

But sometimes you don't want to send the screen to your Apple TV, you just want to send your tunes to the Apple TV so it can play through your sweet stereo instead of those poxy macbook speakers. Well, here's a simple way of doing it.

See that little volume icon in the top menu bar? Yep? Click on it.
-It shows me the volume you clever thing!

Yes I know that. Just making sure you can find it first. Now this time, hold down the "option" key then click it.
-Wow! A whole 'nother menu.

Yes my friend. And if the device you want to beam the sound to is on the wifi network your mac is, then it should appear in that little drop down menu and all you need to do is select it and you're in business. All your housemates will now know what great taste you have in music, and they will also find out you are a cheapskate and won't pay for a premium Spotify membership when the Spotify ads boom throughout your home in 5.1 surround quality.

Well anyway, hope that helps you out. At least your housemates now don't have to see what is on your laptop screen (probably this blog giving you instructions on how to use your Mac. You're probably going to take all the credit for figuring this out now aren't you coz they can't see the screen anyway? That's ok, I stole it off someone else but I can't remember who so they don't get any credit.)