5 reasons i miss my iPad

It's hard to explain the rationale behind why I sold my iPad.

Essentially, I really wanted a MacBook Air and once I had it, I felt like I had a device that could do what the iPad did and more. And I guess it sort of can... nah, not really.

5 things my ipad could do that my macbook can't

1. Go with me to the toilet.
The iPad is borderline too big but I can just get away with it at home. I stick to the iPhone for work.

2. Lie sideways in bed.
It's great to watch movies or read in bed and as I get sleepy I like to turn sideways. Not really good with a laptop or whatever.

3. Instantly on.
And it's just there. It's convenient to leave the iPad lying around on the kitchen bench (don't tell Jane). A charger is never far away too with a house full of iOS devices. But as wonderful as the Macbook is, it just isn't as convenient a use it anywhere device as an iPad is.

4. Entertain the little guys.
I feel pretty comfortable leaving my iPad with my two year old. He gets it grubby, sure, but if it's in a good case it's gonna be ok. And he can navigate his way through it with the greatest of ease. I know kids are clever with tech, but I'm just not going to hand him the Macbook Air and say "play nice".

5. Last longer on battery power.
The battery life on the iPad is simply awesome. I can watch movies and browse the net for seemingly ages without being tied to a cord. Ugh.

I'll probably grab an iPad mini when it comes out. If it's not here by christmas I'll either settle for a normal iPad or try out one of those Nexus 7 tablets. Not really stoked to have to do that though.