the tv of the future

Apple iTV. Not a real product... yet
It just dawned on me.

How can Apple give users a beautiful television (and radio) experience when the content is owned by ridiculously primitive television and movie studios who want nothing more than to keep things as they are?

They can't... unless they can get the content themselves.

They did it with apps... instead of the bulk of app revenue going to a handful of large application developers like Adobe and Microsoft, the wealth now gets shared with anyone with enough brains to make a decent app. They don't have to worry about how to get it to market... Apple have the store, you just bring the product. Viola, a world full of awesome apps and opportunity for creators.

How to do the same for visual entertainment...

1. Make it easy to make and publish the content.
2. Provide a platform for creators to distribute their material.
3. Ensure content providers are able to be remunerated for their content if they so wish.
4. Sit back and let the legion of Mac users who love their movie making programs produce wonderful original quality content for the masses and for the specialist. Screw the TV studios. Pay the good content creators a boatload of money without them being beholden to ridiculous contracts, and skim some off the top for Apple shareholders.

So what vehicle will Apple use to make this come about...

Steve Jobs said... I've finally cracked it...
Was he talking about AirPlay... don't think so. Was he talking about a thinner TV? Doubt it.

How about PODCASTS!

-Lion has a new Podcast Publishing app that comes built in, as well as the Podcast capture app... you would just never see something like that bundled with windows.

-Apple have just released a stand alone Podcast app for iOS. It's good, and treats podcasts as a special meal of their own, not some sort of stale bread stick that was complimentary as before.

-All apple need to do is put a little 99c button on some of the popular podcasts and WAMO! we have a legitimate new industry. Apple can host the podcasts, as they do with apps. This will save the producers from having to muck around with servers and hosting and all that nonsense.

It's beautiful.

And if they haven't already had my idea and started work on it... then they should do so now, and email me for my postal address for where to send the royalties.

maaaate.... I would rather watch Rhett and Link, Julian Smith, or Flight of the Conchords over normal TV any day (well, most days). And instead of having to troll YouTube for maybe legit maybe bootlegged maybe pirated morsels of entertainment, I could BROWSE a very healthy podcast menu, pay my 99c and enjoy. It may not even be that much, if the studios don't need a cut.

And btw, if you thought podcasts were just audio, you were mistaken.

Also you should definitely go visit if you have a sense of humour, or if you need one.