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Apple TV now better than ever
Apple TV now better than ever
So I bought my dad an apple tv for my birthday (yeah I buy other people presents on my birthday, it's what I do, you can take it up with Bill Johnson) and I was at his place today setting it up for him.

I bought him the latest version of course, the 3rd gen which runs 1080 HD (means better quality pics) while I myself only have the 2nd gen running at best 720p HD video.

While I was setting it up, I noticed it had a feature mine didn't have.... namely the ability to browse previously purchased movies. I knew this feature had been released in the US but hadn't heard about it's release in Australia (where I live). It also gave the user the ability to buy movies, not just rent them.

So I put it down to the fact that he had the new model, and if I wanted the same I would have to upgrade... and I would have...

But I got home, browsed my movie section on my own Apple TV and lo and behold... I had the feature magically appear there too. I can now buy movies from the device, and access all my movies I have previously purchased from iTunes too.

This means I don't need to have my PC running in the office with my movie collection stored on it for the kids (or myself) to watch Wall-E for the 30th time. And I don't have to use my iPad or PC or MAC or whatever to purchase a movie like before when all the Apple TV would do is RENT a movie.

This is a big deal, because lets face it, your movie collection is one of the most space hungry things you can have on your computer, and if you can keep this all in the cloud you are one step closer to not even needing a desktop computer at home.

If Apple can pull this off too, they can really lock you into there little ecosystem as that will just be the easiest way to browse your movies. Not great news for everyone, but I respect the strategy.

I love the idea of browsing my entire movie collection from my bed or armchair and not having to get up and pick a DVD and put the thing in a player and get it out and blah blah.

No longer is it an IDEA, but I can simply enjoy all my movies wherever I am with whatever device I have.

Now... I just need a 4G unlimited data connection and I'm set.