I got a new printer - it's a black one

new canon printer at work office

So I really got tired of the getting up and getting down and finding a printer and borrowing a scanner and blah blah at work today so I went out and bought a printer to park near my desk. It's not that I can't spare the 68 seconds to go walk into another room to retrieve printed documents, it's just the interuption breaks my flow. I need to stay in the zone.

My printing needs are simple, because I hate printing stuff as a rule, so only do it if I really really have to. Scanning is probably a larger concern. I also needed something AirPrint compatible so if I need to I can print straight from my iPhone or iPad with no wires or emailing. I found a mid priced Canon with a bunch of random letters and numbers as it's name so you can never remember what printer you own... I'm sure it helps the people at Canon, but how can you ever recommend their products to your friends... "I got a new printer, it's awesome... it's a black one"

I have my Macbook Air on my desk which is my own and the device I prefer to use, as it makes my job easier being able to relocate desks on a whim, and there is also a Windows desktop computer running XP.

Setting the printer up onto the network was easy using WPS or whatever it's called. Basically you just hit a button on your router and press a button on the printer and they find each other and get married. It's love at first sight.

Except the instructions on the printer told me to press the button on my router for 5 seconds, which would normally be ok only the makers of my router decided to save space and make it a dual purpose button... the other purpose is resetting the router and wiping all your settings... so guess what happened.

After realising what on earth had happened and doing it right eventually, I decided it was time to get the  thing printing.

On the mac
Go to a document, select print, it says it can see a new canon printer nearby, asks me if I want to install the software for it, I press yes, it downloads it from Apple and prints my page.
No discs.
No cords.
No stress.
I can even operate the scanner from the Macbook.

Now to get it working on the PC.
It's like they try to make it hard
I tried searching and searching but couldn't get the PC to find the printer, ended up having to use the disc that came with the printer, and installing a large amount of extra software that I'm really not sure that I need and now I have 5 extra pretty circle icons floating on my desktop that I didn't really ask for but oh well I haven't got time to sort this rubbish out. And why did I need to go through a 30 click wizard just to say... please make this printer work!?

It works though.

For the record it's an MG6250