the store was supposed to be empty

Hey, it's 4pm on a Sunday in the city... everyone will have gone home by now. I'll probably be the only person in the store. This will be awesome. I'll feel so special, get great service, swap my slightly-screen-stuffing-up iPhone 4S for a new one on the spot, and peruse the beautiful MacBook Airs until I fall in love and convince myself that I have to have it.

Perfect game plan.

Look the city's almost empty. All the shops are dead. Parking was easy, that's a good sign that people have gone home. Yes, I can see it all clearly playing out perfectly for me.


The Apple store in Perth yesterday was freaking packed, at 4pm. They close at 5. What madness is this? I'm the only Apple customer that would be here at a time like this.

Actually I had planned to get there at 2 and hang around for the afternoon like a sorry excuse for a human. But Qantas had major computer crashes that day (obviously not using Macs) and had thus delayed me for an extra 2 hours at the airport where I was waiting with my daughters for them to board their much anticipated flight to Kununurra. Lucky they had their iPads with them.

So here I am being informed by a blue shirted 17 year old that the "Genius Bar" was over booked at the moment so I wouldn't be able to get my iPhone looked at. I ran through a series of scenarios in my head involving various sharp and witty responses, such as how you didn't really need to be a "Genius" to see my screen was stuffed and you could just unbox a new 4S for me and hand it over. I also thought about pointing out what an awesome customer I was and how precious that should be to him... but the awe of just how packed the joint was silenced me... and I politely asked to be shown to where the MacBook Airs were.

I was served promptly by a trendy Perthite with a trendy haircut who had worked for Apple for the last 2 years and was studying film stuff at uni, thus worked with macs there too. Within 7 minutes I had decided which version of the Air was going to suit my needs and I handed over the credit card.

Although it was the first time I had ever been inside an Apple store, none of the processes surprised me, because one reads about it so much... except for the bit where my email address popped up on his little iPod touch's screen and he asked if the invoice should be sent there. I was shocked...

me- How did you get that?

trendy blue shirt- Is your card linked to your Apple ID?

me- Oooooh.... that's awesome.

That really was awesome.

I found a bakery, bought some dinner... two for one coz we're closing soon... Opened my MacBook Air 11" and proceeded to be blown away... again.

It's the little things, like iCloud. And the awesome multitouch trackpad... it does so much! And there is an app for me to make my own podcasts. And write my own books and publish them to iBooks. And the forward and back scroll on safari is fantastic, and the App Store... what an awesome idea that was, and the key board is beautiful, even on an 11" notebook computer, and the ease to set up, and iPhoto, and iCal syncing with my iPhone, and hey! my bookmarks from my iPad and iPhone are all here, and this trackpad... I can't believe it... boy it's light, wow the keys are back lit, I knew they were but they look great, hey I wonder if command > will go to the end of the line... it DID! it's so intuitive... I love the word intuitive... hey the battery hasn't gone dead yet... check out the power cord, it just snaps on with a magnet , that's clever, there's no button to open the thing, I always hated those buttons, or slides, or whatever,