I've blogged about it elsewhere before, but I really can't help doing

another review of one of my all time favorite apps for both my iPad

and iPhone; Zite.

It's so simple an app you would think you would get bored of it, but

it just hasn't been the case for me. Oh, and it's free.

Zite is a news/blog/web reader that you tell what sort of subjects

interest you, and it dishes up content for you to peruse. It's

beautifully simple and a pleasure to use.

As you read articles, you give them a thumbs up or down, and Zite

learns what you do and don't enjoy reading. On the iPad, you can even

say whether you enjoyed reading certain authors or topics within the

category you are browsing. Over time, it dishes up more and more

tailored content just for you.

It really does get better the more you use it. There is a huge range

of topics to add to your reading list, but I find I normally just read

the "Top Stories" category now. I also find I rarely use the thumbs

down button these days as most of the content I see is just right for


It is very easy to share articles from within the Zite app to

Facebook, Twitter, Pocket (formerly Read It Later), Email and more.

You can also quickly view the content in Safari if the Zite app has

any trouble rendering the content correctly.

I find Zite easier and cleaner than using Flipboard, a similar concept

with extra features. I have tried to get used to Flipboard numbers of

times now but I just always seem to keep coming back to Zite.

Now that most of the blogs and news content I consume is actually

within Zite, I am wondering how exactly the content producers are

supposed to earn an income from ads etc. If most people start to

consume their content this way, it will quickly disrupt an industry

that has only recently disrupted print advertising itself.