Which iPad Should I Buy?

So you want to know what iPad to get.

Answer the questions below and you will form a clear picture of which iPad is right for you.

I will be calling "The New iPad" the iPad 3 because it's just easier. The iPad 3 comes in a 4G (really fast mobile internet from cell phone towers) option but it only works in the USA. Everywhere else the best you can get is 3G (reasonable speed mobile internet from cell phone towers)... It's complicated.

Your choices are as follows:

iPad 2 16GB WiFi - $399 US

iPad 2 16GB WiFi & 3G - $529

iPad 3 16GB WiFi - $499

iPad 3 32GB WiFi - $599

iPad 3 64GB WiFi - $699

iPad 3 16GB WiFi & 3G/4G - $629

iPad 3 32GB WiFi & 3G/4G - $729

iPad 3 64GB Wifi & 3G/4G - $829

Answer the following questions to determine what iPad to buy.

1. How much do you want to spend?
a) Money is no object, I am awesome.
b) Not fussed, just want best value for money. I need to feel smart.
c) I don't have a job, so I want to spend $0.

a) Just get the iPad 3 64GB WiFi/4G and be done with it.
b) Continue the Questionnaire
c) Get the cheapest one. It's still pretty good and you'll make do. 

2. Do you like HD or BluRay movies?
a) I love the quality of HD movies. I own an HD 1080 TV and it rocks.
b) Maybe for certain movies it's nice. I still don't own a BluRay though.
c) I don't know what HD stands for and I would never pay extra for it even if I did.

a) Choose out of the iPad 3 range.
b) iPad 3 only if you plan to do a lot of reading or need higher storage than 16GB.
c)iPad 2 unless you need higher storage.

3. How often do you use your current computer and smartphone?
a) I can't really distinguish between using and not using them. They are always on even and talking to me even when I am doing something else. It is starting to affect my relationships.
b) I use them most days, but I prefer to not let them run my life. I prefer humans.
c) I don't own a smart phone, and my computer takes too long to start so I don't use it unless I HAVE to.

a) You need at least a 32GB, and should get 4G.
b) You could get away with a 16GB or 32GB and no 4G only if you can afford it.
c) You will be ok with a 16GB model.

4. How often do you access the net away from home?
a) Thank God for my smartphone. But with my laptop I am always looking for a nearby hotspot to get my internet fix.
b) I like to be able to send an email or look at the odd cat photo here or there, but it can wait if it has to.
c) I didn't realize that was possible. Why would you do that?

a) Make sure you buy a model with 3G/4G.
b) A Wifi model will be ok, you can use your phone as a hotspot in an emergency.
c) A WiFi model for you.

5. How many Apps (little square icons) are on your iPhone? (including standard ones for simplicity)
a) 115 +. Each one is a step closer to happiness.
b) 50-115. I have what I need. I'm a very practical person.
c) My what?

a) 32-64GB
b) 16-32GB
c) 16GB

6. Will you be loading your iPad with movies for your kids to watch?
a) God yes.
b) Maybe a few for myself. I don't want it broken though.
c) Kids have germs, grose.

a) 64GB
b) 32GB
c) 16GB

So by now you should have a good idea which iPad is right for you. Go and buy one.