If you haven't caught it yet, the TV series "Touch" is worth a watch. Try and start at episode 1 if you can. The plots are quite intertwining and can come across complicated. They're not really, they just seem that way on the surface. Each episode contains it's own little story though, so it's not entirely necessary to watch all the episodes.

It stars Kieffer Sutherland, who you will remember from 24, who plays the father of a super genius mute kid who interprets the entire world with number patterns and the like. He communicates in numbers and ropes his father into solving stranger's problems via "errands" his father has to try and interpret.

It is hard to find an engaging TV show that is suitable for the whole family, but Touch hits the mark nicely. 8.5 out of 10.

I have bought the episodes on iTunes and usually watch them on my iPad or Apple TV. Check out the link below for more info or trailers.