Toca Boca - Apps for kids

apps for kids
Toca Boca apps from WWDC
Watching the recent Apple WWDC keynote I caught a glimpse of a company that makes apps for young children called Toca Boca. As a parent, images of smart and happy children filled my mind and I quickly jumped on the App Store and downloaded a few to try them out.

They are fantastically well thought out, available on the iPad and iPhone and are not too expensive... some even free.

Both my two and four year old love playing them now, and the games present fun ways of learning and developing skills.

It remains to be seen how many actual skills they develop from playing iPad games, but hey, since when was fun a crime.

And the games have LARGE MASSIVE CLEAR BUTTONS so kids can easily navigate through the apps. Very well thought out. Check out the list below.

Toca Doctor HD - Toca Boca