Imagine having every song you could ever want to listen to with you on

your iPhone all the time.

Finally available in Australia is the music subscription service called Spotify.

The way it works is, you have access to the whole world's (almost)

music and instead of paying for each song, you pay a monthly

subscription. Essentially instead of downloading the songs to your

iPhone (or whatever) you stream them. You do have the ability to save

some songs to be available offline with a premium subscription. I

believe the artists earn a tiny royalty every time a song of theirs

gets played.

You can use a free version of the service on your PC or Mac which

comes with ads, or pay for the premium service and get a higher

quality of music (higher bit rate) as well as the ability to save

tracks. Your premium subscription service also allows you to access

the music on your mobile devices like iPods and iPhones. In Australia,

this will cost you $12 a month. If you are a large music consumer, and

want to do it legally, Spotify might be just right for you.

If you wouldn't normally spend anywhere close to $12 per month on

music, perhaps you should stick to just buying the tracks you want

from iTunes and using the free Spotify service on your computer to

listen to extra stuff at home or for discovering new artists you may

want to add to your iPod.

It's available for most mobile devices, and you should get a 48 hr

free trial when you sign up with your Facebook account.

I used the two day free trial on my iPhone and was very impressed, and

the desktop version is a keeper. I'm very close to signing up for the

premium service for a couple of months to try it out.