Push Notifications... or not

Stop interrupting me. 

Before push notifications I swear my life was just fine. But I seem to invite things to interrupt me all day long under the guise of "technological advancement". 

Whenever I have found myself spending a little too much on a particular app I have just gone and turned off push notifications for that app. All of a sudden a week has gone by and I realize I haven't even opened the app and I didn't even miss it. 

Today I was wondering why I need push notifications on my email. I mean, if someone sends an email they are basically saying "here's some info for you to look at when you get a chance". If it was semi urgent, they would text me. If it was moderately urgent, they would ring me. If it was really urgent they would ring me twice and leave a voicemail if I didn't answer. 

Now that I think about it, Apple's new "Do Not Disturb" feature might be good to leave on all the time, as it only allows callers through that ring twice in 3 minutes. 

So my experiment is to turn off push notifications for email and heaps more, and basically use the apps when it suits me, not have them as a constant interruption to my day for no good reason. 

And I think I need to more thoughtfully assess whether or not a new feature on a device improves my life, or just improves the life of everyone trying to interrupt me.

If you're not sure, a push notification is basically (for all intents and purposes) when you're phone (or iPad or whatever) beeps the moment an email (or whatever) is sent to you rather than you checking for new emails manually or periodically. Behind the scenes, the servers are "pushing" the notification to your device, rather than your device "fetching" it from the servers.