The Need for Feedback

We naturally get most entranced by things we cause to happen.

That is to say, a baby is amazed when he presses a lever and a toy pops out. And that amazement and joy never leaves us as we grow, we just look for new and exciting ways to control things or cause things to behave differently.

It is the reason gaming is so popular and will continue to be so. We just naturally find pleasure in the chemical process that occurs in our bodies when actions we take result in feedback. Game designers (well... good ones) understand this and ensure that there is a lot of great feedback to the player as they do different tasks in the game.

Even websites and groups earn a more dedicated following when there is a score or other clear feedback method that keeps people feeling like they are causing things to happen.

I'm not entirely sure why this trait is so strong in humans. Perhaps it's just because God made us like him. 

But it's good to be aware of it. If you are designing things for other humans to use or enjoy, keep in mind their basic need to receive feedback from their actions.

And if you are using something, make sure you pay attention as to why you find yourself drawn to it. Is the score the item is giving you completely meaningless, and have you allowed yourself to be tricked into wasting countless hours not achieving your goals?

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Temple Run: Brave - Disney