Are other people just stupid or are you lacking the ability to empathize?

We all have our favorite brands or toys or teams. I personally love my
Apple devices and think they are better than their competitors' in a
lot of important ways.

But I often read about fans of Apple that express with contempt their
inability to grasp why on earth anyone would disagree with their
opinion on any matter tech related. They see themselves as gifted with
a superior ability to discern a "correct" preference.

Come to think about it, this trait seems to carry over in to every
walk of life... people cannot understand how someone could not believe
in God... someone can't understand why a certain person chose those
clothes... he said he will never understand why someone would like
that sport...

When someone declares: "I cannot understand why you would choose... "
I actually hear: "I lack an important human quality called empathy
which allows a person to look at things through another person's eyes
and thus understand them without needing to hold the same opinion as
them and I think I may be borderline sociopathic and should probably
go get counseling".

Well, that's what I hear anyway.