Wait for the New Model

While people ask me often what to buy in this or that category of
electronic device, it appears we have entered into a strange vacuum of
sweet new products to buy. That is to say, every major category of
electronic device that I care to associate myself with is about to
come out with something new and better and will leave any purchaser
today feeling slightly cheated in a few months.

The only exception is the iPad, which recently launched it's latest
iteration known as "The New iPad" and leaves its competitors in the

Want a new PC?
New Ivy Bridge chips will be hitting shelves soon. By all accounts
worth waiting until they are commonly available.

What about a new Windows Laptop?
The first generation of Ultrabooks (macbook air try hards) are out of
the way, and the word on the street is that we can expect some quality
Windows devices to hit the shelves soon.

Another note re windows, they are soon to launch the all new Windows
8. I'm not personally excited, but if I wanted a Windows Tablet, I
would be waiting until Windows 8 came out. I am not sure why
they are making the same interface standard on the desktop though. I
find the traditional desktop interface works well with a mouse, and I
don't feel like touching the screen of my PC... it's too far away.

Both the Air and the Pro are due for refreshes. It's been a while
since we saw anything new from Apple in their Macbook range, and
knowing them they must have been busy all this time. Also expect new
Ivy Bridge chips and more SSD availability (solid state drives: no
moving parts). On top of all that, Apple are working on an upgrade to
their operating system that will bring some wonderful integration with
the iPhone and iPad (without stopping being a Mac).

If you're hankering for a new phone and are out of contract, sit
tight. Expect a completely redesigned iPhone this year some time. I
make no promises, but I'm hoping October 2012.

Android Phone?
If you are actually a fan of Android, then you probably want the best
device the market has to offer. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is finally
hitting shelves around the world. Won't be long now and you'll be able
to get your hands on the best iPhone knock off going. So don't go and
buy an S2.

Windows Phone?
The Lumia 800 and 900 were a nice start for Nokia running Windows, but
if you read any reviews you would be left wondering why anyone would
prefer one over the iPhone. However, expect better things to come
later this year.

Same thing. They have finally realized their handsets are .... not
great. The long awaited Touch Screen centric devices with an all new
operating interface are expected soon.

Seriously, don't spend $1500 on a new TV until you see what Apple do
this year. If it's awesome, you'll want one. If you don't, it will
make the competitors products cheaper because they'll have no other
way to compete. The rumours on this product have been swirling for
years, but seem to be reaching a crescendo.

Also long overdue for a refresh.

Not sure who buys these anymore. I don't think Apple are focussed on
innovating much in this area any more, other than the iPod touch. And
a shuffle is awesome for jogging I guess.

So that's my list. It feels strange to be living in a world where there
is no new piece of tech that I want to rush out and buy, but I live in

I am personally holding off purchasing a new Macbook until later this year. I
love my iPhone 4S but will be hard pressed to resist a new iPhone
should it be leaps and bounds ahead of the current model (that's gonna
be a hard sell to the wife) and I will live with my small 42" LCD
Samsung TV for the next 5 years if that's how long it takes for Apple
to announce they are or are not making a television.