Starting your own business

A wise man once asked...
What would you do to someone who lied to you as often as your fears do?

I'd kill him. Or at the very least I would never talk to him again.

How often in life has your fear turned out to be quite useful and
accurate. Rarely.
I'm not talking about crossing the road without looking.
I'm talking about not even going outside because you heard of someone
one time who died when he was outside.

Heck. If your fears were based in reality, you would be more afraid of
driving your car while talking on your phone, or eating a
cheeseburger, than of a feral rat running around in your bedroom. And
even the odds of the car or cheeseburger killing you are so slim no
one cares.

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So what's stopping you? You have a dream. You have a passion. You have
an idea. The only reason you haven't acted yet is some thought in your
brain that MAYBE it won't work out.
Maybe people will laugh. Maybe they will shake their heads when I fail
and say they knew that was going to happen all along.

Haters gonna hate. Ignore them.

But most importantly, ignore that fear.

What would you do if a magical genie appeared and gave you a special
power where whatever you tried to do, you succeeded? Everything you
touched turned out good in the end. Whatever project you were involved
with prospered. As long as you saw it through to the end.

Maybe it's already happened...

BTW Do you know what sport has the highest fatality rate?
Lawn Bowls.