Shaun the Sheep

If you are looking for a really cool game for your iPad or iPhone,
check out Shaun the Sheep. The app appeared on my iPad the other day
when one of my kids downloaded it onto theirs. I have it synced so I
get whatever apps or music they purchase, as we all share the same
Apple ID.

I ignored it, but then my 4 year old was playing it today while I was
blogging next to him on the couch. He kept asking for my help, and I
found myself more than keen to help, and was actually taking over. He
was still quite stoked to get my help, and I realized he couldn't do
most of the levels as they were too difficult. Perhaps he can memorize
how to pass them after watching someone else like he did with "Cover
Orange" but the game is definitely more difficult than I thought it
would be.

Essentially you have three sheep you have to get through each level.
The fat one (Shirley), the medium one (Shaun) and the litlle one
(Timmy I think). They each fit past different sized obstacles and can
jump different heights, so the game play involves a bit of thinking,
but it's kind of funny too, especially having to detonate dynamite to
send the large sheep flying through the air to safety. It actually
reminds me of the TV show.

Get it from iTunes App Store today.