Regret is something I hear very little of. I always hear people say
they "regret nothing" and would do it all the same if they had another

I can't begin to tell you how much I would do different in my life...

But what is it that makes us not want to regret our decisions?

When I used to sell cars, I was interested in the new models that were
out at the time. I would often walk up to people at shopping centres,
malls, servo's, gas stations etc and ask them what they thought about
the new car they had bought.
EVERY SINGLE ONE loved the car they had bought and thought they made
the best possible decision.

It's strange, but once we have invested a large amount of something
(money) into a decision (purchase) we will tell ourselves over and
over that it was the right decision just so we can live with

I think the person who has the courage to look foolish and say "I
bought a crap car and paid too much and I regret my decision" is a
very brave person indeed. And although they risk looking dumb, they
are the only person who can actually learn from their