My wife has gone on holidays... At least I have my Photostream

My wife has gone away for a couple of weeks with the kids. I'm alone.
I miss them.
But there is one thing I have these days that make the separation a
little more bearable. Photostream.
A lot of people ask What is Photostream for, what is the purpose of

I guess in my life the answer is this...
Photostream is a feature that allows you to see on your iPad or iPhone
all the photos your wife has taken with her iPhone.

Jane is staying at my Mum's place 800km away, but thankfully has wifi.
I'm at home with wifi also, and each night I can jump on my iPad and
see the tonnes of photos she has taken and enjoy them. She can also
see pics that I have taken too.

Of course she could have just emailed or messaged the photos, and if
she gets a really good one, she will do just that. But Photostream has
allowed me to enjoy all the crap photos too... Which as a Dad is just
as special at times like this because it makes me feel a little bit
like I am with them.

I've always found Photostream handy. I often take a pic on my phone,
and can later grab it on my iPad. But during this time having
Photostream is awesome.

FaceTime and Skype have also been a blessing.