Macbook Air or an iPad

Macbook vs iPad
There is so much you can achieve on an iPad it almost makes getting a
laptop seem a little silly. I haven't used a laptop now since my Dell
spacked it a year ago. I go to my desktop PC when I need to do
something my iPad just can't cope with.

But lately it's been happening just a little too often. Usually it's
web based things, but sometimes I need to do some coding and I just
don't have the ability to run the program on an iPad.

Which leads me to this article.

If you were deciding BETWEEN an iPad and a Macbook Air, or some other
laptop, then go the Macbook. If you HAVE a Macbook and a spare $400
and want the wonderful freedom the iPad provides A LOT of the time
(but not all) then get both.

I think we are still a few years away from iPads flat out replacing
lap tops and desk tops. Mostly they just need to improve their
capabilities slightly (time will take care of that), a few more
specialized apps need to be designed (happening as we speak) and web
designers and programers need to think iPad friendly (we're 75%