I'll Stop Whinging About Facebook

I have to admit I have been one of the people who whinged a lot about
Facebook. Not as much as some, but I whinged. I won't whinge anymore.
It's not that I particularly want to read 500 status updates about
what girl you are keen on, nor do I care to ever read another status
that says "Like for a Like", but people are free to post what they
will, just as I am free not to read it. The reason I won't whinge any
more is because I have come to greatly respect the creators and
developers of Facebook for giving the world a means of communication
different and in a lot of ways better than what has gone before.

It's better than email.
I don't get spam on Facebook.
People I contact actually reply to me.
You don't end up with a depressing cluttered inbox with Facebook.
People's email addresses change (heck, their mobile numbers change)
but their Facebook location stays the same. I mean, I have friends
from when I was a kid that I have no feasible way of tracking down
(not that I try very hard), but kids today have no need to ever loose
contact with their friends again.
It suits whatever level of friendship I feel is appropriate.
It allows me to set whatever level of sharing I feel is appropriate.
It satisfies a basic human craving to express ones self (and be heard).
It's free.
It's inches away from competing head on with texting.
If Facebook can find a way to overhaul phone calls, then watch out world.

Because of the rise and fall of so many before them, like MySpace
andFriendster many non Facebook users assume Facebook is a fad. Being
around so many youth where I work I wonder if it's more of a SHIFT.