Hugo 3 Stars

I can't work out why movie studios try to make you think a movie is

something that it isn't from their previews and trailers. If I go into

a cinema expecting an action movie, and instead get a drama, I walk

out disappointed even though I probably like dramas. It's like eating

black jellybeans. Aniseed flavor when you're expecting grape is

disgusting, but if I'm eating a strip of licorice and know what to

expect I think it's delightful.

For what appeared to be an action packed family movie from the

trailers/previews I found myself checking my email and Instagram a lot

during the tale of Hugo Cabret. It was most definately a drama, don't

let the picture of the boy hanging from a giant clock fool you.

The story centers around a young child named Hugo. I won't give

anything away, but if you have any recollection of your childhood you

should be able to find elements you can relate to.

I didn't see it in 3D, I don't really like 3D to be honest. So the

actual story and events need to be enough to engage me. I think there

really could have been about another 30 minutes edited out and I would

have enjoyed the film just as much, perhaps more.

I also found that for a movie that derived its title from the name of

the young boy, the plot would have been more focussed on him. But I

kind of felt toward the end that he was almost a secondary character.

I won't say more and give the story away, but jump on wikipedia

afterward and check out the "true story" elements of the film.

So if you like lots of dialogue, and enjoy a familyish type movie,

i.e. no swearing and no vampires, check it out. It goes for two hours

though. I thought it would be too slow for my little kids, but my

teenage girls quite enjoyed it.