5 Apps To Run A Small Business From An iPhone or iPad

For the last two years, I operated a successful lawn mowing and gardening business. It started as a one man effort, and I eventually had two people working for me before I sold the business. I tried to minimize the paperwork and office work as much as possible, and my iPhone was a great help at doing that. So everything you read in this article is from actual experience, not just theory.
About 10 months ago, I acquired my first iPad, and this made life even easier. But it is possible to run a small business with a handful of apps on top of the ones that come standard on your iPhone.

Invoicing and Quoting app
Just about all my customers have email addresses, and they really appreciated the option of receiving the invoice via email with the ability to pay online. Invoice2go is extremely easy to use and set up, and with its new ability to back up everything to the cloud, I didn't run the risk of losing all my data. It also synced across the iPhone and iPad.
Invoice2go easily displayed who hadn't paid yet too, so I was able to stay on top of outstanding debtors with greater ease.
I couldn't recommend this app high enough for a small business on the go.
They have a free version for you to try before you buy in both the iPad and iPhone.
The iPad app can generate some great reports too, which gave me a bit of insight into who was my best customers.

They also have a range of new features and apps like Calendar2go, Maps2go, Scan2go and Sign2go. Check them out.

Download Invoice2go for iPhone
Download Invoice2go for iPad

Note taking and syncing
With simple note, any notes I wanted to make for myself when people rang were able to be quickly recorded, and then would sync to the cloud. This meant I could access all my notes from either the iPhone, or iPad or even the PC at home. It archived notes, instead of deleting them, so I could look up old notes if needed. Simple in name, and simple in nature. Worth having on my iPhone and iPad.

Download Simplenote

Form Connect
Create custom forms
Form Connect is a useful app to create my own custom forms. Available just for the iPad, I would make forms for when I went to do quotes, so I would remember all the info I needed to take down. It is simple enough to make a form, and you may only need to make one. This app came in handy for quoting.

Download Form Connect

To Do Lists with Syncing
Running a lawn care business meant I was often needing to sort out little things, plus do my own errands and sometimes go and fix things at jobs.
Wunderlist was able to be installed on the iPhone and iPad, and also the home computer. It would sync across devices and was one of my most used apps. Best of all: totally free. It had a few bugs early on, but mostly ironed out now.

Download Wunderlist

Dropbox was probably one of the most awesome apps I could ever have asked for. I set up my business so any receipts I needed to keep I would just photograph and upload to dropbox, copies of all my invoices were in dropbox, and any paperwork that was mailed to me I would scan, and it would go straight to dropbox. This meant I could access any document I needed while I was on the road, which I was most of the time. Dropbox is free for up to 2GB, and is an app most definately worth having.
Any of the items I have stored in my dropbox can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection too. Extremely useful.

Download Dropbox