Good Advice

Let's be honest. We are influenced by people in our lives whether we
like it or not. We accept advice from people we respect or admire. Our
opinions and views on all sorts of issues are greatly influenced by
those around us.

I know we would all like to be able to say "I am completely rational
and only develop opinions and make decisions based on empirical facts"
but it just isn't the case. We go to others for advice all the time.

Just be mindful of who you are taking your advice from.

Remember when Iraq war take 2 was starting, and Brittany Spears was on
tv advocating it? Great pop singer, but should I take political advice
from her?

How about all those people that have never owned a home telling you
all about property investment...

Remember those people who educated you on all the pitfalls of share
trading, even though they had never ACTUALLY bought or sold shares
before, and are happy playing the lotto each week...

What about those people who so quickly dish out parenting advice to
you, but their own kids won't speak to them...

I'm not suggesting you shun all these people cold heartedly.

But seek out those that have ACTUALLY succeeded in the field you are
looking for advice on, and give a greater weight to what they share
with you.