If you are a Gmailer who owns an iPhone or an iPad, you may have been
quite happy to learn about the native app that Google put out.

I got it when it came out and thought it would improve my life no end.

But I realize now I never use it... Except for one thing.

You see, the native mail client works wonders for me on the iPad and
iPhone. I set them up using Microsoft Exchange, and I like the
usability and push notifications that come along with that. And when I
delete something I know that behind the scenes, Gmail is archiving it.

Works great and isn't broken.

Except for one Gmail feature that I used to need the web for. And that
is Gmail search.

I love being able to search for any email I have ever received. It's
the best feature of Gmail. So if I need to search for something that I
have archived, I open the Gmail app, conduct my search, deal with the
information I find (perhaps moving the email needed to the inbox) then
close the app until next time.

Sometimes I need to do this twice a day. Sometimes a month will go by
without needing this feature.

I find the Gmail app too clunky to use as my main email experience,
but the search function makes it worth having it on my devices.