Facebook Messenger

I've never been entirely happy with the Facebook app on the iPhone. So
when I spotted the Facebook Messanger App on the App Store I was in no
rush to get it. I couldn't even see the point actually.

Why would I want 2 rubbish Facebook apps on my phone.

But for some reason the other night I decided to try it and it worked a treat.

Maybe it's just me, but Facebook messages (or inboxes) are always so
clunky and slow to load on the iPad or iPhone. I even wondered if
Facebook hadn't deliberately made their apps suck so people would hate
Apple as much as Mark Zuckerberg was rumored to.

But this new Messages app has been working as smoothly as texting for
me. The push notifications work fine, the app feels simple to use and
I might find myself actually contacting people through Facebook
Messanger in the future more. If Facebook were to ever actually get
around to releasing a handset of their own, they really could give
Apple and Android a run for their money.

I am looking forward to see what the Facebook team can release in the
coming months and years. I hope the IPO doesn't cause some of the key
leadership to loose focus or direction.