Evernote is one of those apps that everyone tells you you just have to

have. It's free, and it does a lot of stuff. So you download it and it

sits there on your phone or iPad without getting used and you wonder

why you have it.

I'm not sure why most people have it, there are easier to use note

taking apps. It doesn't handle word documents or anything tricky. And

it likes to crash at the weirdest times. If you want to take a note

down quickly, you are better off using the note taking app that comes

with your iPhone or iPad, and if you sync it with Gmail, you will

always have an archived copy available to search.

So why do I still have Evernote.

Well, here's what I personally use Evernote for.

I use Evernote to take notes of things that I want to keep forever (probably).

I have the following notebooks that my notes go into:

1. General- just for random stuff that doesn't belong elsewhere.

2. Dreams- I like to record my dreams (some of them at least).

3. My Sermons- I can look back on things I have preached about at church.

4. Sermon Notes- for when other people are preaching.

5. Promises- That are made that I need to hold people accountable to.

6. Business ideas- Ideas that come to me on businesses I am working on.

All the stuff that goes in these notes usually never gets deleted. For

general notes that only need to hang around a week or two until they

are scrapped or archived, I prefer the native note taking app.

I find Evernote doesn't crash on me as much as it used to. I enjoy

using it, and it has way more functionality than you would expect for

a note taking app. Thing is, sometimes less is more. I would never pay

for Evernote, but I did fork out money for SimpleNote. Go figure.