Dark Shadows 3 Stars

Don't be fooled (as I was) by the comedic style trailers or previews.

Dark Shadows was a drama. I hope I never see the DVD in the comedy

section of my local movie rental store.

I have seen no more than 5 minutes of the original tv series, however

I am aware of the sub-culture/fan club that exists around the old

show. I am in no way qualified to compare the twain.

I enjoy watching Johnny Depp act, even in such a morbid character. He

throws himself into a role with abandonment, and deserves the

accolades and fame with which he is endowed. Helena Bonham Carter is

also Dame in waiting and an actress worth her salt, although she

carried a minor role in this melodrama. She can just fill so many

different shoes so well.

My expectations of something slightly more light hearted perhaps left

me a little shaken at the first blood shed. I am not a fan of blood,

vampires, witches or ghosts. Nevertheless, had these repulsive

elements been absent from the plot, perhaps few would venture to watch

some strange people talking strangely in a strange town.

The storyline read like a good book I suppose. I was in no way aware

of what would happen next. If keeping me in guessing means the writers

must verge on absurdity, then I guess that's the price I pay.

Like I said before, I don't enjoy bloodshed. Thus I will not be

(intentionally) watching this movie ever again. I wish Mr Depp and his

fellow cast all successes however in the future, and hope that no-one

thinks a sequel is needed.