Avengers 3.5 Stars

The Avengers was funny. Obviously there was lots of action, and of

course it was done really well and all that. But I can't help but feel

a little short changed from action movies these days.

The problem with the superhero/fantasy/sci-fi genre is that there are

no real rules. Someone could be shot through the temple with a bullet,

and with one line of dialogue they are brought back to life. Or the

entire universe could be about to collapse, and someone says "reverse

the osmo ray to retrack the gamma quarter rays" and we're all saved.

This fact (or lack thereof) makes it hard to really invest ones self

into many of today's such movies.

I kind of think there should be a rule that whoever they were that

reinvented the Batman franchise should be the only people allowed to

make superhero movies from now on. They are just in another class.

Anyways, back to The Avengers.

They didn't do a lot of Avenging. I won't give the plot away, but

essentially I felt after an hour and a half that any moment now the

plot should start to develop. I checked my watch and realized I was

likely going to leave disappointed.

That's not to say I wasn't thoroughly entertained, but I was able to

leave for a 5 minute pee break with no fear of missing a vital plot

piece. (Must remember to buy the small Solo in future.) I was

surprised that even with the large number of superheroes in the film

it didn't come across crowded.

So if you want explosions, cool effects, witty banter and cliche poses

then go see it. If you like intelligent plot lines that make you

think... maybe go see it if someone else is paying.