Apple TV and High Speed Internet

I have had my Apple TV for a good 6 months or more now. I have really loved it and it has totally changed my buying habits. But I had only been able to get internet speeds at ADSL1 level.

If I were to go to and clock my speeds, I was pushing to get 1Mbps.

There was only one internet service provider that could offer me ADSL2+ speeds, but they wanted a 24mobth contract. My existing provider would let me go month to month, handy as I am renting.

The problem with my low internet speeds is it would take half an hour or more for a movie I rented on the Apple TV to buffer enough for me to start watching. But I would put up with it.

Then one day, I can't remember what the catalyst was, I bit the bullet and changed providers. I now enjoy about 9Mbps. That's fast enough to select a movie on my Apple TV, press rent, and it will start playing straight away.

It's only been 3 days, and it feels like I have been holding my breathe for the last 2 years tolerating rubbish broadband speeds.

I always recommended the Apple TV before, but now I think you're mad not to get one if you have good net speeds.

Easy to use
Easy to set up
Lots of features
Lots of content
Can access your computer
Can AirPlay your iPhone and iPad to it

Now if they would just let me BUY movies and not just rent them.

Apple TV is available from Amazon for $99.
And you can read my review and instructions for it at