ABC iView

Australia Only:

One of the most used iPad apps in my household is the ABC iView app.

Most people know you can watch your favorite ABC shows on your web

browser, but the iPad app which has been out for a while now makes it

so much more engaging.

When we want to watch a show together, we can AirPlay it to the Apple

TV. But it's great for chilling on the bed or couch and watching TV. I

honestly would not know about many ABC shows if it wasn't for the app.

The ABC iView app has actually made me sick of regular TV. The idea of

only being able to watch something at a particular "scheduled" time

now seems so antiquated that I would probably only ever turn the

"normal" channels on once a month or so. I really do want what I want

when I want. I hate flicking the channels to see if per chance I am

sitting down at the right time to watch a program.

So if you are in OZ, grab the ABC iView app today from the iTunes App Store.