Tidy Desk - Tidy Mind

Think of the top of your desk like your clothing, and your drawers
like your mind. They probably are an extension of them without you
realizing it.

One way to a neat, tidy, zen like desk is to start with nothing...
Nothing at all... Nothing on top, nothing in the drawers, nothing
underneath. Then start using it. If there is something you absolutely
have to have, then put it on your desk. But could it live in the

Does your mouse really need a mat? It may work great without one.
Is your desk so precious that you need a coaster for your coffee mug?
Do you need 3 pens?
Can you get a smaller keyboard?
Won't your iPad take notes better than a pen and paper anyway and
email it to the appropriate person?
Be creatively minimalistic...

And just because it fits in the drawer, doesn't mean you should shove
it in there. If you want a smooth desk day, everything that goes in a
drawer should do so because it belongs there, and belongs in your