Some tips for using iCloud

The entire point of iCloud for me was to never have to use iTunes
again, and never have to plug my iPad into my home desktop computer.

For the most part, this has been successful.

-All my photo's are sent to the home computer, and shared between devices.
-My iPhone and iPad data are backed up each night.
-Any music, apps, TV shows and movies (kinda) I own are available to
redownload if I want.
-My calendars, contacts, notes, reminders and bookmarks sync between devices.
-My Pages, Keynote and Numbers (like Word, PowerPoint, Excel)
documents sync between devices and are downloadable on the home
computer via a web browser if I want.

The one thing I am not able to do without plugging in (or running a
special app) is send my videos I film from the iPhone or iPad to the
home computer.
I can understand why photostream doesn't allow it, the data it would
chew up could be a lot.
But this means I need to from time to time plug my iPad or iPhone into
the computer and deal with the nightmare that is iTunes.

So the solution...

1. I have deleted iCloud from my home computer so no longer do all my
photo's get sent there automatically.
2. I have made sure when each device gets backed up to iCloud at night
the backup includes the camera roll (so no precious memories get
3. From time to time (maybe once a month) I plug my devices into the
home computer and treat them like a digital camera. On my home
computer (running Windows 7) I go to "computer"- find my device -
select internal storage - select all the photos and videos- cut- and
paste to my "pictures folder" on my computer.

This prevents the doubling up of photo's that was occurring by using
iCloud and also transferring them to the computer manually, and
ensures my videos make it to my home computer. I shouldn't lose
anything valuable because iCloud backs up my photos and videos while I
sleep, and I don't have to worry about making my device talk to iTunes
any more.

Some further notes
Go to settings on your iPhone or iPad to turn on iCloud and follow the prompts.
Photostream syncs the last 30 days or 1000 photos to each device
(iPhone, iPad, iPods) and deletes older photos, but never deletes
photos it syncs to your computer.
iCloud is free for the first 5 gig. I have purchased an extra 10 GB
(so 15GB total) for $21/year as we have 8 devices to backup.
TV shows, apps, music and other stuff you buy off iTunes don't count
toward your backup space as these are re-downloadable for free if you
already own them (movies in Australia coming soon.)

Jason Smith