Smartphones and instagram changing the world

Quick note to iPhone users... your VOLUME UP button can be used as a
shutter button when taking photos. I still meet lots of people that
are unaware of this feature.

Now that's out of the way-

Have you ever heard of the olden day "scribe". If you read your bible
you would come across the term. So there were people who, for a
living, read and wrote for the largely illiterate masses. I imagine
early on they used engraving tools and stone, and as technology
progressed they moved to papyrus or paper with charcoal or ink or
blood or whatever they found worked well. It must have felt good to
have a monopoly on knowledge and information.

I can almost picture their disgust though, as the technology
progressed and the masses started to learn to read and write for
themselves... the "you're not doing it right" and the "amateur"
accusations. The sense of dread as they realized that no one would pay
them to transcribe stuff in a future with writing implements being
general household items.

But the scribes (at least the good ones) found jobs as university
professors and the rest of us ended up with text messaging and
Facebook. I remember at bible college being told that referencing some
blog or wikipedia off the internet didn't cut it, but if somehow that
same writing had made it into print, it was legitimate. I agree that
there is a lot of tripe said on the net, but maybe in times past we
over valued peoples words just because they had been published.

Lately, I have watched as another profession starts opening up to the
masses, photography.
I have had a camera on my phone for the last 8 years, but even with my
iPhone 3GS, photos looked like a phone took them.
My wife got an iPhone 4, and she started going nuts with it (that
means used it a lot) because the photos actually looked decent.
Then I upgraded to the iPhone 4S... and the photo quality was
STUNNING. Even Jane has gotten a bit jealous and stopped taking as
many pics herself, or she just reaches for my phone.
Apple explain on their website all the tricky things they did to
improve the camera on the 4S, you can read it here:

Along comes Instagram... Now we have a social app (we all love
social) that uses good phone cameras and applies simple but effective
effects to the pics and suddenly every man and his dog is an artsy
fartsy fancy photographer. I am not saying this to mock them, just
about all of my friends I follow on Instagram share amazing pics. My
daughter has a proper fancy camera, and I have a few friends who are
into photography, and honestly, some of the stuff I see on Instagram
rivals their work (except maybe for one friend who is a professional).
I never thought twice about taking a nice photo in the past, and I
certainly wouldn't have invested in a camera, but now I take a pic and
I'm like... hey, that actually looks ok. I must be talented.

I can see journalists simply using their phones to snap some pics
rather than taking a photographer along. I can imagine them sending
and sharing their photos quickly and easily with the newsrooms. In
fact, I don't think the reporter will even make it to the story before
people nearby have taken good quality video and photos and uploaded
them to whatever.

Yeah, I'm sure the professional photographer will hang around for a
while yet... but if the tech keeps moving so quick, pretty soon
there'll be an app to airbrush all blemishes off skin and make the
subject look like a supermodel, all with the press of one button. And
if at your best friend's wedding all the best photos were taken by
guests with their phones, when you get married you might just skip the
photographer and save a couple of thousand dollars to spend on the