Setting appointments with Siri

One fantastic feature that has gone under the radar on the iPhone 4S
is its ability to set appointments using Siri. Siri is the virtual
assistant that is built into the handset's operating system that
allows you to do all sorts of things by talking in conversational

If your work day feels like a hurricane and you deal with one
interruption after another, it's easy to forget appointments or lose
track of time, upsetting your clients, colleagues or even your boss.

With Siri, as soon as you have agreed to be somewhere at a certain
time, you just need to activate it (hold the home button for a couple
of seconds), say " make an appointment for me at 11 today, meeting
with Jane", and Siri will create the appointment, ask you if you are
sure, (you say "yep") and remind you before it happens.

I have my default reminder set to half an hour before appointments. Go
to settings--mail contacts calendar-- default alert times-- and set
the alert time that suits you.

And if you are using iCloud on your iPhone and iPad , your iPad can
remind you too.