iPad as a hotspot

I purchased the iPad third gen when it came out, and chose the 4G option partly because I would finally be able to use the device as a hotspot (that means connecting another device to the internet using the iPad).
I never actually checked straight away to see if the feature worked, I assumed it wouldn't be a problem seeing I am using the same network provider as my iPhone 4S and the HotSpot feature on the phone worked wonderfully.

Until one day I needed it right then and there.
And I couldn't find it...
No way to activate the feature.

I searched the net as one does and it seemed others in Australia were having the same problem. Apple had said it the feature was  network dependent when they launched the device, but that shouldn't have mattered seeing the phone worked no problem.
I rang Apple a couple of days later and was passed on to 3 different people, and was eventually told that this was a large problem and that the issue would be "escalated" and I could expect an answer once contact had been made with the engineering team.

I have heard back from Apple today, but it was just a courtesy email to say no progress had been made. No blame has been placed on the carrier, but no solution has been provided by Apple. I'm in limbo.

I replied to the email with my phone number and had a call shortly thereafter with the sender of the email reiterating the same information over the phone. It was nice to get some follow up contact, and Apple's customer service is second to none, even though my contact at Apple needs some more English lessons. It would be nice to get a straight answer on this one though, especially after the 4G/3G debacle.

•••Copy of email below•••

Hi Jason,

Currently, we still do not have a response from our engineers. We really apologized for this inconvenience and will still keep on update and inform you immediately once we got a response from our engineers. By the way, I tried calling you but there's no answer. Please advise if you still have further queries on this case.

Thank you and have a nice weekend!



P. S. If you wish to reach me regarding this case, please contact me by replying to this email with your contact number and the best time to reach you. I currently work on Mondays thru Thursdays from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm Sydney time and Saturdays 10am to 7pm Sydney time.  If you prefer--or if you need assistance with a different issue--please contact Apple  by visiting  http://www.apple.com/support/contact/phone_contacts.html and finding your local Apple number or http://www.apple.com/support