Facebook News Feed TOO CLUTTERED?

Let's face it, "friend" is a pretty broad word in the world of
Facebook. It can mean anything from "my wife who I love with all my
heart" to "some bloke I met once but probably wouldn't recognise if I
sat next to him on the bus".

But the social awkwardness of "unfriending" people, plus the fact that
you want to be able to spy on them at some point in the future, means
you end up with a rather cluttered news feed.
If you're tired of sifting through your news feed to find something
that actually means something to you, it's time to make a "close
friends" list.

Yes, it might take a moment to set up, but the investment will make it
worth while. It will bring back the joy you once had when Facebook was
new and you had less than 300 "Friends".

The menu is different from desktop to iPhone or iPad, but you'll figure it out.