A download he can touch

It's my youngest son's second birthday and I want to give him Toy
Story 3 as a present.

I hate watching/owning discs any more. Aside from the scratching they
receive at the hands of a toddler, it's just too much hassle to get
up, get the disc, open the DVD player, insert the disc, sit back down.
(First world problems!) I prefer scrolling through my movie collection
from my couch via the Apple TV and just pressing PLAY.

Disc manufacturers are catching on to this, and occasionally offering
data discs with your purchase of a DVD, Blu Ray or whatever. SWEET, I
thought to myself. Give disc to Israel for his birthday, he enjoys the
unwrapping ceremony, I copy the data disc onto iTunes and shelve the
discs, never to see the light of day again, and we enjoy watching Toy
Story 3 (over and over and over) on the iPad, iPhone or Apple TV for
the rest of eternity.

Sold out everywhere. I could buy Blu Ray, DVD, Blu Ray 3D and Blu Ray
DVD combo... But no data discs anywhere.

I buy the movie on iTunes, burn a backup copy to disc (legally), and
insert said disc into a DVD case to wrap and present to young Israel
for his 30 seconds of unwrapping ecstasy.

Come to think of it, this might even solve that problem I had of not
being able to lend movies to people anymore like I could in the good
old days of DVD's. I'd better check the iTunes fine print.

To burn a backup copy of your iTunes movies, stick a blank DVD in your
DVD burner, create a playlist in iTunes on your computer, drag the purchased movie into that playlist,
click on the playlist, then select "File" (up the top), then "burn
playlist to disc".