Don't study to become a Librarian

There is one job I cannot see thriving in 20 years, a librarian.

I was at the new Geraldton Regional Library the other day. It's pretty
flash. The lights in the toilets come on when you walk in. (I hope
they don't go off if I sit on the toilet for too long without moving.)
I counted about 12 people sitting on desks using their laptops and the
free wifi, 6 people using the library computers and 4 people reading
books or looking for books. And they looked like they were killing
time waiting for a computer anyway.
On top of all this, if I WERE to check out a book it's now an
automated self serve process. Less human interaction makes for a
happier consumer apparently.
I honestly think the City of Greater Geraldton should rethink exactly
what it's residents could do with. Perhaps more space dedicated to
couches and coffee tables for freeloading backpackers with more coffee
for sale, a section for stuff you just can't get in ebook form
perhaps, and a bunch of computers and iPads for those who don't have
their own.
A system of borrowing ebooks on your iPad that delete themselves after
two weeks would be great, although that's probably up to Apple and the
publishers to nut out.

I know this much; when someone gives me a paper book to read, I groan
inside at the thought of having more clutter in my life, and it's rare
the book I need these days isn't available from Amazon or iBooks.

What do you call a group of librarians: a shush.