Do you need a new app?

It's great getting a new app for your iPhone or iPad. It's even better
if it turns out to be a good one.
But unless they are necessary for work each day, you grow bored with
them and need something new and different after not too long. I mean,
how often do you play Angry Birds these days? Remember when it was the
coolest thing going?
If only you could download an app that actually got BETTER the more
you used it.


I love my Zite app. It's a magazine type app that grabs content from
all over the internet that I am interested in and dishes it up ad free
for my enjoyment. I get blogs, news, videos and more on stuff that I
am interested in.
As I use it, I thumb up or down each article and tell Zite what I
like, which topics I want more on, what authors I would like more of
etc. So the more I use it, the more personalized it gets. And it's no
where near as complicated and bloated as Flipboard (which is still a
great app). I just find myself always drifting to my Zite instead of
other news apps or reading apps.
It's awesome on the iPad, and they now have an iPhone version which is
pretty neat too.
If I knew how good an app it was going to be, I would have paid 10 bux
for it no sweat. But it is FREE. One of my top 5 most used apps.