5 reasons why you should switch to Gmail

Having used Gmail (by Google) since 2006, I cannot think of the amount
of times it has been a God-send. I, like 90% of teenage Australians at
the time, was a hotmail user back in the day, and while it served its
purpose and gained a lot of users by being the first kid on the block,
it really rested on its laurels and stopped innovating early on. So
check out my reasons below for switching to Gmail and sign up soon.

1. You can keep your old email address and use it within gmail.
I still have my hotmail address, and a few others too. But it was easy
to have all of them sent to my gmail inbox. So whether someone emails
my hotmail, gmail, business, or church email address, they all go to
my gmail inbox, and I can reply or send from any of those addresses
within my gmail account too.

2. Archive and search.
Pretty much every email I have received since 2006 has been archived
(rather than deleted). So if I ever need to retrieve an old bit of
correspondence I do a search within Gmail (Google's pretty good at
search, who'd a guessed) of key words from within the email and
usually find what I was looking for. It means I can keep my inbox
empty yet rest easy knowing that if I ever need to find that email
again for whatever strange reason, I can. That includes sent items

3. Syncs wonderfully with iPhone and iPad.
Say no more. Although you should set it up via Microsoft exchange, not
the Gmail shortcut provided in the settings menu on your phone. Email
me if you need help.

4. Contacts and sync.
My gmail contacts have become my only contacts. That is to say, all my
contacts from my iPad, iPhone, whatever, sync wonderfully with gmail.
If I ever lose my phone again, I will not lose all my friends numbers
ever again. I know iCloud now does a similar thing, but gmail was
saving my bacon long before iCloud was conceived. Any changes I make
to my contacts on a web browser, automatically change on my phone and
iPad, and vice versa. (One downside though, because I no longer lose
all my contacts when I drop my phone in the ocean, I have collected
about 2000 names and numbers, many of which I cannot put a face to the

5. It's your email address forever.
Once upon a time, you sounded like a cheap teenager (coz u were) if
you handed out your email address and it was a hotmail account. It
said, "I may not actually be able to afford an internet connection but
have a free hotmail address so I can check it when I visit my rich
friend's house". You needed to have an @bigpond or @perthix or
whatever to show you were serious about email. Trouble was if you did,
every time you realised you had a rubbish internet provider who was
ripping you off, you had to change your email address thus annoying
your friends. (I think this single fact may be why email evolved to be
used so infrequently for personal correspondence.)
No longer is a web based email address looked down on. In fact, I
breathe a sigh of relief when I am given a gmail address by a friend
or relative because I know they will have the same address in two
years time.

There's plenty more great features but that's enough for now. Just
remember when choosing your username, one day you may want to give the
address to someone in a job interview... so maybe
imarainbowunicornbaby@gmail.com isn't the best long term choice.

Jason Smith